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Bear with me!

If you’re visiting from CATESOL, please bear with me! I hope to launch this blog within a week. In the meantime, please leave a comment here to tell me what kinds of topics you’d like to see discussed in a TESOL blog, and what kinds of online resources you’re interested in.


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2 comments to Bear with me!

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    “Well begun is half done,” goes the ancient Greek proverb.

    You’re off to a strong start!

    As for questions from a teacher’s perspective, I’m always curious about the perils and pleasures of part-time teacher. Do you feel like you belong to the department/school, or just your classroom? What about benefits?
    Due to the financial awkwardness that can come from part-time status, many ESL teachers often choose to tutor. What are some best practices? Good mistakes?
    Years ago, I was surprised to find out that several colleagues had clients pay in advance and sign a contract for their tutoring services. I had never been nearly so formal, but I also had never been burned the way some of my friends were by cancellations and “forgotten” payments.
    While I’ve turned by advanced ESL teaching and tutoring experience into a book that many tutors and teachers use, I’m also always looking for new teaching materials and outstanding resources. For instance, I just discovered the Center for Applied Linguistics website this year – after over a dozen years in the field. I would have loved to had these practical tools, especially the oral testing tips, while teaching part-time in Los Angeles years ago as a novice.
    Those are a few of my questions. Other ESL professionals will have other, perhaps better questions.
    Thanks, again, for starting your blog.

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    Good luck with your blog, nice to have made your acquaintance.

    David V.